Myco-Box + Golden Oyster Syringe - Minature Mushroom Growing Kit

Method; Use the alcotip wipe to clean the lid and needle of the syringe. Inject 4 x 0.5ml through the lid of the tub. Seal the holes with tape immediately after. Leave in a warm place (28 C is ideal) for around 3 weeks, or until the whole thing has turned white.

Fill the vermiculite tray with boiling water and allow to cool for a few hours, when cooled, drain off any excess water. Remove the lid's from both tubs and sit the white block open end down onto the vermiculite.

Now move the tray into the humidity tent, fold over the top and seal with paper clips. Your first mushrooms (approx 35 grams) should appear in a few weeks. Pick off any mushrooms just before they open their caps, add a little extra water to the vermiculite, and put it back in the bag to fruit.

Yeilds of up to 100grams are possible but 70-80 is more likely.